Thursday, January 5, 2012


I know you are going to hate me for this, but you are of course welcome to post your own rant about Bloodrose. I’m glad he died. It needed to happen. I disagreed with the emotions about his death, and the way the book evolved after that, but it wouldn’t have worked if he stayed alive.
            Through the trilogy Calla has slowly become her own person, instead of what was expected of her. When she forced Shay and Ren to bend to her will and bloodbond, I cheered. I was thrilled when she became the most powerful Alpha, rising above the males with their stupid fighting, leading her pack fearlessly forward. I feel like the whole book was building her up, and she was ready to shine. The only thing holding her down was Ren and Shay. The indecision weakened her.
            With Ren’s death, and Shay as the Scion leaving Calla worried he had changed too much, I desperately wanted her to let Shay go, to pull herself together and lead her pack. Shay needed to become a leader in his own right, to live on as a human with his parents and the Searchers. When she said goodbye and became a wolf, and then Shay sealed the rift, I wanted the epilogue to be Shay watching the pack, seeing Calla push on.
I know, Lizzy, that you were devastated by Ren’s death, because you clung to the hope that she would chose him. But every step of the way, through all three books, she was pushing him away, moving toward Shay. I hoped that she would be stronger. That she would push them both free and shine. I wanted the closing image to be her, high on the mountain, with the pack before her, standing proud. The final image of her next to Shay left me disappointed. Not in the author or the male leads but in her, Calla.
            I know you disagree, so I can’t wait to see your rant.
PS. I would like to make the argument that Ren should be removed from the list based on this book.

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