Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mr. Rochester

I never know why, but something about days when its gray and rainy has me reaching not for something happy and bright, but for the dark pages of Jane Eyre! Although it took me awhile to get into Jane Eyre the first couple of times I started it, but after way to much time I finally got past page 8 and it quickly became a favorite of mine.
My thoughts on Mr. Rochester tend to fall into two very distinct categories. It's a love hate type thing. As I read I think he is perfect, he and Jane have such a odd, wonderful relationship. I think he is perfect for her! But then, once I finish, I start to think about his downfalls. He lied to her, tried to marry Jane even though he was already married, locked his wife in the attic, played mind games, and of course is a lot older then her. He's middle aged and she is under twenty! For this reason I can't decide if he is list worthy, or despicable!
Happy Reading