Saturday, May 14, 2011

Owen Armstrong - Just Listen

Salve Fellow Readers!

Recently I have been what I call"readers block". Its the same sort of thing as writers block, but instead of not being able to write, I haven't been able to pick up a book and read it straight through. However, unlike writers block, readers block has the perfect cure: reread one of your favorite books, which in my case has a list worthy guy just waiting to resurface in my life.

From one of my favorite books, and my favorite book that Sarah Dessen has written, comes Owen Armstrong. He is strong, smart, kind, and has some recently resolved anger management issues. He like all list worthy guys is support of the heroine and ends up falling for her. Owen helps Annabel when she is in a low point in her life, when she has no friends. They quickly become close, and she listens to his radio show every sunday morning at seven o'clock. He knows just what Annabel needs, even when all she needs is for him to Just Listen.

I love this book mainly because of Owen Armstrong. He is as I mentioned before, kind, smart, incredibly hot/gorgeous (or at least thats how I imagined him), and he has this passionate love for music and telling the truth. Just thinking about him makes my head spin. However, that is not the only reason. I also love the way Annabel handles things: she avoids the descisions and hurting peoples feelings. I just think this story hit really close to home for me. I give this book four and a half stars.

Also, on a side note: A new book just came out by Sarah Dessen, called What Happened to Goodbye. I hope this new guy will be list worthy too. (Guys from Dessen's books usually are)

Yours Truly,
Miss Liz

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  1. ohhhh my god i agree two hundred and ten percent. owen is perfect for annabel and is just amazing. all of dessen's guys are just too perfect. i love the one from that summer!