Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Renier Laroche -- Nightshade and Wolfsbane

In the books, Nightshade and Wolfsbane (which hasn't come out yet, but I was fortunate enough to read a manuscript) Renier Laroche is the alpha guardian (which is basically a werewolf who can change whenever they want to... much more like the Twilight werewolves) and he is supposed to be the new packs leader along with his female alpha counterpart Calla. He is extremely fond of her if not in love with her. The problem is Shay. The other guy. However, in my opinion, Ren is still better and the more favorable of the two. He is nice, kind, and protective of Calla, and wants her to want to be with him like he wants to be with her. In Nightshade, Ren is fabulous and I fell for him after the first interaction between him and Calla.
However, in Wolfsbane, a lot of things happen, and Ren isn't the same. He still loves Calla and cares for her, but he has been tortured by the Keepers, and he won't believe Calla, or join her on the Searchers side. The book ends right before when the ultimate conversation between Ren and Calla takes place. The cliff hanger is so sharp that it leaves you craving for the next book and dying to know if Ren finally comes to his senses or if he doesn't. This one conversation is the conversation that either makes him list worthy and awesome or condemns him, making him unworthy of the list. Somethings we can forgive, like Darcy's cruelness towards Elizabeth at the beginning, but if he doesn't come to their senses, then he is deemed unworthy of the list. Will Renier Laroche make the cut?

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